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Ekiti State stands out among Nigerian states for its diverse population, including a significant number of non-indigenous residents. This demographic richness reflects the state’s reputation for peace and harmony, fostered by the inclusive approach of Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s administration.

In line with the commitment to sustaining this harmonious coexistence and addressing ethnic-related challenges, the Office of Community Communications had a strategic engagement with leadership of non-indigenous communities in Ekiti State earlier today.

Representatives from various ethnic groups, including Idoma, Ebira, Hausa, Tiv, Nupe/Tapa, Urhobo, Igbo and Igala communities, participated in the meeting.

Addressing the meeting, Director-General ,Office of Community Communications, Mrs Mary Oso – Omotosho conveyed Governor Oyebanji’s appreciation for their cooperation and support for the government.

Mrs. Omotosho emphasized the Governor’s commitment to inclusivity, evident in the significant number of non-indigenous appointments made, which empower individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and political affiliations.

However, she urged the community leaders to reciprocate the government’s goodwill by encouraging their members to align with the administration’s vision and initiatives.

Concerning recent spikes in prices of food commodities and other items, Mrs. Omotosho appealed to community leaders to discourage food hoarding and deliberate act of extortion , emphasizing governor Oyebanji’s huge investment in agriculture and its impact on food security.

She proposed collaboration opportunities, such as bulk food purchases from local farmers, to mitigate shortages and stabilize prices.

On the security front, Mrs. Omotosho emphasized the importance of community vigilance and cooperation in crime prevention. She urged leaders to promote data gathering and security threats reporting mechanisms to enhance security measures.

In their separate responses , the traditional leaders of each ethnic group commended Governor Oyebanji’s efforts and leadership style in bringing every stakeholder on board for the betterment of the state . They emphasized the importance of equitable distribution of agricultural support and interventions noting that the Governor must be commended for his security initiative geared towards safeguarding farmlands and forests in Ekiti State .

They expressed their profound appreciation for the recognition accorded them and promised their unflinching support for the Oyebanji led administration.

Also present at the meeting :SSA Grassroots Communications (North), Hon. Moshood , SSA Grassroots Communications (South) , Hon. Adelusi , SA Governor’s Office, Hon. Adetuase, SA Town Unions & Associations Matters ,Hon. Andero , SA Ethnic Matters (Ebira) , Hon. Nasir , SA Ethnic Matters (Igbo, Central), Hon. Amokachi, SA Ethnic Matters(Igbo, South ), Hon. Onuchie ,SA Ethnic Matters (Igbo, North), Prince Okafor and SA Ethnic Matters (Urhobo), Pastor Clement .

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