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The Ekiti State government has pledged to furnish the National Emergency Management Centre with necessary equipment for improved functionality and efficiency.

Mrs. Monisade Afuye, the Deputy Governor of the State, reiterated this commitment during a visit to the Centre in Ado Ekiti on Thursday. The visit aimed to assess its readiness, aligning with Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s resolve to crack down on crime in the state.

The Deputy Governor, in a statement by her Media Special Assistant, Victor Ogunje, affirmed the government’s determination to bolster the Safety Control Centre.

The collaboration, a joint effort between the State and the federal government through the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), underscores their commitment to enhancing safety measures.

Mrs. Afuye urged the center’s operators to fulfill their duties diligently in preventing crime or promptly providing vital information to security agencies.

She emphasized Governor Oyebanji’s commitment to ensuring Ekiti’s safety, essential for attracting and safeguarding investments.

Stressing the importance of confidentiality, the Deputy Governor assured support in addressing any technical challenges for the benefit of all.

Mr. Oludare Asaolu, the General Manager of the Ekiti State Emergency Management Agency, in his remarks highlighted that the Centre operates a 112 Toll-Free Line for residents to report emergencies.

The General Manager encouraged citizens to utilize this service effectively by promptly reaching out during critical situations.

He added that the initiative was a build up to Governor Oyebanji’s visit to the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency a couple of months ago, as part of his efforts to co- opt other sister agencies for effective emergency management operations in the state.

“Governor Oyebanji had even given approval for the reconnection of all CCTV Cameras in town to this Centre, so that there could be effective monitoring of situations. This will be done soon and I know that this will add to the functionality and efficiency of this Centre”.

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