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...Pledges Coordination Support As Usual.

The Okemesi/Ido-Ile Local Council Development Area (LCDA) under the leadership of Hon. Sunday Owolabi Ajibade, has approved fund to clear the bushes along the power lines stretching from Okemesi to Esa Oke.

This initiative,which is part of the annual activities being undertaking by the Okemesi Youth Forum, under the leadership of Olori-Odò Chief Gbenga Oyewole has been hailed as a testament to the local government’s responsiveness and commitment to addressing the needs of the people.

The Okemesi Youth Forum had previously raised concerns about the overgrown vegetation along the power lines, which had been causing frequent power outages and posing threats to the stability of the electricity supply. The forum had made a formal request to the LCDA through the chairman, stating the urgency and the need to take immediate action to address this pressing issue.

To the delight of the youth forum, the LCDA boss approved the requested fund to undertake the bush clearing project.

“We are truly grateful to the Okemesi/Ido-Ile LCDA management team for honoring our request and approved the fund to clear the bushes along the power lines,” said the Olórí – Odo

“This demonstrates the local government’s commitment to working closely with the community to address our infrastructure challenges.”

Furthermore, the Okemesi Youth Forum has pledged to coordinate the implementation of the project, ensuring that the bush clearing is carried out efficiently, effectively and timely.

“We are eager to work hand-in-hand with the LCDA to ensure the successful completion of this important initiative,” the Olori-Odo added. “By taking an active role in the coordination, we are assuring that the project is executed in a manner that truly benefits the residents of Okemesi and Esa Oke, which we have been doing in the previous years”

The Okemesi community through it’s youth forum hereby expressed its unreserved gratitude to the LCDA’s responsiveness to it’s request. This initiative is seen as a significant step towards improving the quality of life for the residents and strengthening the overall development of our Jerusalem.

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