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Hon. Fadugba Bamidele, the Chairman of Moba Local Government alongside the police officers, Amotekun Security Network, Environmental officers, and NYSC corps members, has initiated a monthly environmental exercise. This exercise aims to promote cleanliness and sustainability within the local government area.

The monthly environmental exercise is a collaborative effort that brings together various stakeholders to actively participate in keeping the environment clean and free from waste and pollutants. It serves as a platform to educate and create awareness among the residents of Moba Local Government about the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

During the exercise, the participants engage in various activities such as cleaning the streets, clearing drainages, and removing debris and litter from public spaces. They also conduct tree planting exercises to enhance the greenery and improve air quality within the local government area.

The involvement of the police officers and Amotekun Security Network ensures the safety and security of the participants during the exercise. Their presence instills a sense of security and encourages more residents to actively participate in the monthly environmental exercise.

The Environmental officers play a vital role in coordinating the exercise and ensuring that proper waste management practices are followed. They provide guidance on the segregation and disposal of waste, emphasizing the importance of recycling and reducing waste generation.

The NYSC corps members, being young and energetic, bring enthusiasm and dedication to the environmental exercise. They actively engage with the local communities, educating them on sustainable practices and encouraging their involvement in maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

The monthly environmental exercise in Moba Local Government has yielded significant results since its inception. The streets

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