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The recent election of 38 new council Chairmen marks a historic milestone in the advancement of grassroots development within our communities. The emergence of these dedicated leaders, overseeing our 16 LGAs and 22 LCDAs, underscores the commitment of BAO to fortify the foundation of local governance for a brighter future.

This peaceful transition showcases the efficacy of democracy in Ekiti State. It’s a testament to our collective dedication to upholding democratic principles and fostering progress at the grassroots level. I extend our heartfelt congratulations to the newly inaugurated officials, recognizing their pivotal roles in amplifying the ongoing developmental strides within our state.

As we celebrate this momentous occasion, it’s imperative to acknowledge the weighty responsibility that rests upon the shoulders of these elected individuals. Their task is not only to lead but also to synergize their efforts with the visionary initiatives championed by the Governor of Ekiti State, Biodun Oyebanji. This collaborative approach is fundamental in propelling our state towards sustained growth and prosperity.

The unity, progress, and unwavering commitment to serving the people exhibited during this election reaffirm our collective resolve to strengthen democratic governance in Ekiti State. I remain resolute that these newly elected officials will foster an environment conducive to impactful leadership and positive transformation at the grassroots.

We look forward to witnessing the invaluable contributions and relentless efforts of these officials as they navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, furthering the development agenda of BAO for the benefit of all citizens in Ekiti State.


Adl Brand.

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