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By Michael Adewale

Governor Biodun Oyebanji (BAO) deserves commendation for his commitment to fostering inclusive development in our state. Under his leadership, the empowerment of Local Government Development Areas (LGAs) and Local Community Development Area (LCDAs) have proven instrumental in driving positive change.

These LGAs and LCDAs serve as vital units for effective governance, bringing decision-making closer to the people. Local community development areas ensures that resources are directed to address specific community needs, promoting infrastructure, Health care services, Education and so on.

This approach enhances citizens’ participation in governance, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in their localities.

Through the LGAs and LCDAs, the state achieves a more nuanced and responsive administration, tailoring policies to diverse regional challenges. This decentralized governance model not only strengthens local autonomy but also contributes significantly to the overall progress of the state.

Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s vision of a well-connected and developed state, driven by empowered LGAs and LCDAs, sets a commendable precedent for sustainable and inclusive growth.

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