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♻ Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s inclusive governance strategy has been pivotal in ensuring peace, stability, and unity in Ekiti State. His humility and effective leadership have garnered consistent praise from past governors, who attest to his exemplary approach to governance.

♻ The recent visit by Vice President Kashim Shettima to Ekiti served as a significant revelation, highlighting the immense potential of Ekiti and its people. This visit, a direct result of Governor Oyebanji’s strategic stakeholder engagement, showcased his vision and humility. The Vice President experienced firsthand ,the exceptional craftsmanship of Ekiti’s local designers, with Aso Oke materials worn by key stakeholders who accompanied the VP, all crafted by Ekiti artisans.

♻ The newly unveiled Ekiti fashion and garment hub stands as a testament to the state’s path toward shared prosperity. Additionally, the WAOH project initiated by the First Lady, Her Excellency Dr. Olayemi Oyebanji, is a robust poverty alleviation strategy supporting the Governor’s vision of shared prosperity. This has also influenced the creation of the Adire Ekiti Hub with 200 beneficiaries trained and empowered in each senatorial district under the Adire Ekiti Hub initiative. The hub not only trains and empowers but also connects beneficiaries with customers, driving economic growth. Vice President Shettima saw these developmental strides during his visit, with promises to amplify and support them.

♻ Governor Oyebanji’s respect for the rule of law and democratic principles is evident in his relationship with the House of Assembly. He maintains a non-interference stance, trusting the legislative body to govern independently. The House, under the experienced leadership of the Speaker, embodies transparency and accountability, contributing significantly to the state’s peaceful governance.

♻ Proactive governance is a hallmark of Governor Oyebanji’s administration. He emphasizes preventive measures over remedial ones, conducting sensitization campaigns on natural disaster preparedness. His administration promptly addresses the needs of disaster victims, reflecting his compassionate and humanitarian nature. To prevent building collapses and wind damage during heavy downpours, citizens are encouraged to plant trees as windbreakers and ensure the use of quality construction materials.

♻ Callers on the program commended Governor Oyebanji for his responsiveness and dedication to addressing community and individual concerns. A caller from Akure praised the Governor’s remarkable progress and urged other state Governors to emulate Ekiti development model.

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