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♻️ Governance in Ekiti State has indeed taken a new dimension under the leadership of Governor Oyebanji. As an office that constantly interacts with members of the public, we have witnessed numerous citizens’ testimonies on developmental strides, including road constructions and other improvements across all sectors.

♻️ Governor Oyebanji is deeply committed to ensuring that government initiatives and programs reach the grassroots level, aligning with the six development pillars of his administration. Recognizing the importance of local government structures, he has briefed all council chairmen on these pillars, empowering them to replicate state-based efforts within their jurisdictions as funds are regularly allocated to them.

♻️ Governor Oyebanji’s grassroots development agenda extends beyond financial allocations; he prioritizes the utilization of local talent to execute projects, thereby discouraging capital flight. By harnessing homegrown expertise, the Governor aims to stimulate the state’s economy, ensuring that funds circulate within Ekiti, thereby fostering widespread prosperity.

♻️ Governor BAO adopts a preventive approach to security challenges, as evidenced by the establishment of a comprehensive security committee comprising heads of security agencies, traditional rulers, and community representatives even before the recent kidnapping saga in the State. Meanwhile, the prompt action and strategic deployment of security operatives in response to the recent incident demonstrate the Governor’s commitment to safeguarding lives and properties in Ekiti State.

♻️ Understanding the economic and social importance of a good road network, Governor Oyebanji has further boosted his infrastructure development drive by reinvigorating the Ekiti State Public Works Corporation. Having released funds for the repair of damaged construction tools at the corporation, the Governor aims to enhance the Corporation’s capacity to repair dilapidated community roads, culverts, drainage, and bridges within the state. The office of community communications have conducted an inspection tour of the corporation and I can assure Ekiti people that repair of the damaged tools will be concluded this week with full operations to begin soon.

♻️ Based on our constant community engagements, we have received myriad requests for road repairs and other needs. These requests are presented to the Governor and strategically examined for possible intervention based on exigencies. With enumeration exercises carried out by the Public Works Corporation on road request received so far, swift action will soon be taken to address these pressing community needs.

♻️ Governor Oyebanji’s efforts to enhance food security in Ekiti State include empowering farmers across various agricultural sectors. Through initiatives such as the distribution of SF2 Solar Irrigation Pumps, the Governor is equipping farmers with modern tools to increase productivity and enable year-round farming. The positive impact of these interventions is already evident, with poultry farmers announcing price reduction in eggs, shortly after receiving maize palliatives from the Governor.

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