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The Ekiti State Police Command has issued a warning to car owners and drivers in the state about the rising methods employed by criminals to steal vehicles.

The cautionary notice follows a notable increase in reports of vehicle thefts occurring in parking areas and garages.

The Command revealed this in a statement signed by the State’s Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Abutu Sunday.

The police revealed the innovative strategies criminals are now using to carry out their illegal activities, posing a significant challenge to vehicle security.

The Police spokesperson stressed the importance of heightened vigilance among residents, especially vehicle owners. They advised installing tracking systems, which can greatly aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles.

Vehicle owners were also encouraged to refrain from parking in locations that could facilitate easy theft, known as “get-away positions.”

To enhance car security, the Command advises car owners and drivers to:

  • Install a tracking system
  • Avoid parking in get-away positions
  • Refrain from parking in poorly lit areas
  • Install an audible alarm system and anti-theft device

*Never leave keys in the car

  • Be cautious and avoid leaving the car unattended for extended periods without assessing the safety of the area
  • Memorize the plate number to facilitate immediate police action in case of theft
  • Avoid leaving original documents in the car
  • Refrain from parking in isolated places

*Always ensure all windows are fully closed.

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