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Ekiti News reports that Popular musician Davido has reacted emotionally to Sophia Momodu’s reference to his son’s death, expressing his pain and reaffirming his commitment to securing custody of his daughter.

Recall that Davido is seeking joint custody and unrestricted access to his child, but Sophia Momodu is resisting, citing his frequent travels and personal life as reasons he is unfit to care for their daughter, Imade.

This has caused a dispute between Davido and his ex-partner Sophia over the custody of their daughter, Imade.

Sophia, in a court filing raised concerns about Davido’s ability to provide a stable environment, citing the tragic death of his son Ifeanyi at his home under controversial circumstances.

She argued: “The Applicant is an artist who always travels around the world as mandated by his career and cannot possibly be with our daughter at crucial times. The Applicant is married to another woman, and they live together. The proper upbringing of our daughter by another cannot be guaranteed.

“The fact that the Applicant lost his son in his house in rather unfortunate and questionable circumstances shows that our daughter cannot be placed in the custody of the Applicant.”

But Davido while responded with an emotional outburst said: “You constantly bringing up the death of my child at any point you can to just remind us of this tragedy that haunts us every day of our lives.

“Imade will grow up to see that I fought for her. As for now, you can have her.

“P.S.: She won’t be a child forever. Enjoy Imade Aurora Adeleke! Your father loves you!”

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