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The Executive Chairman of Ikere Local Government, Hon. (Sqn Ldr Rtd) Olu Egbejoda Adamolekun Egbejoda, popularly known as Ajoras today took another step towards fulfilling his campaign promises by empowering 33 residents across the 11 wards of Ikere Local Government.

While making the presentation of the stipend, Chairman Adamolekun emphasized the importance of prompt action in delivering on campaign promises. In this effort, three individuals from each ward were selected to receive a stipend for three months. After this period, another set of beneficiaries will be chosen to ensure an equitable distribution of benefits across Ikere Local Government. Adamolekun stressed the need for timely and consistent support during this period of economic hardship in the country. “I believe this is not yet enough for our people, but I trust God for more for those who voted for me as their chairman,” said Chairman Adamolekun.

Highlighting his commitment to inclusive governance, Chairman Adamolekun outlined plans to rotate the beneficiaries, ensuring a wide range of residents benefit from the ongoing support. “I did this to reflect the shared prosperity vision of our working Governor Biodun Oyebanji and to show our dedication to sustainable development in Ikere.”

Beneficiaries sang songs and showered encomiums on the chairman for his kind gesture, describing him as a man with a heart for the people and praying for his success.

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