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… Vow to support Governor Oyebanji’s efforts to ease residents burdens

The Executive Chairman of Ikere Local Government, Hon. (Sqn Ldr Rtd) Olu Adamolekun Egbejoda, also known as Ajoras, in an assertive move to tackle the skyrocketing prices of sachet water in Ikere, convened an emergency meeting today with the Association of Table Water Producers (ATWAP) Ikere Chapter, bringing much needed relief to the town.

The crux of the crisis that prompted the meeting was the alarming retail price of sachet water, which had soared to between ₦500 and ₦600 per bag in Ikere, causing distress among residents.
During the discussions, representatives of ATWAP clarified that while producers in the neighboring Ado region were selling water at ₦350 per bag due to the economic reality, Ikere producers had a slightly higher selling price of ₦400 per bag, with a slim profit margin of just ₦30.

The ATWAP Ikere Chapter then explained that the additional ₦50 added to their retail price in Ikere was to cover increased logistics costs, compared to the standard ₦400 retail price in Ado. They also addressed their decision to prevent outside producers from selling their water in Ikere, citing the shutdown of more than 80 substandard water factories in some places for failing to meet quality standards, which fueled the decision to restrict water supplies from such sources to Ikere.

After deliberation, a consensus was reached that would prevent Ikere retailers from exceeding a ₦450 cap on sachet water sales. Chairman Olu Adamolekun stated that Governor Biodun Oyebanji would not condone anyone sabotaging the government’s effort to bring relief to residents. He emphasized the imperative of a fair profit margin, stating that if producers could sustain their operations on a ₦30 profit per bag, retailers should be able to operate with a ₦50 profit margin, aligning with the practices of other local governments and states.

The chairman announced that a strict monitoring system would be implemented to ensure adherence to the new pricing structure. Violators of this agreement would face sanctions. Additionally, a radio advertisement will be launched to inform the retailers of these changes.

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