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Ekiti News reports that on Tuesday, December 19, 2023, Ikole Ekiti embarked on a transformative journey as the construction of the Ikole Civic Centre officially commenced, marking the realization of a project conceived nearly a quarter-century ago. This historic moment not only signifies the culmination of a long-awaited endeavor but also heralds a new era in the urbanization of this ancient town.

The ceremony witnessed the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including the Elekole in Council, Chiefs, and the engaged citizenry of Ikole Ekiti. Notably present were aides and well-wishers of Hon. Peter Owolabi, a distinguished son of Ikole Ekiti and a Member of the House of Representatives from 2019 to 2023. His pivotal role in facilitating the initiation of this project underscores his unwavering commitment to the growth and development of his hometown.

During the proceedings, the Elekole of Ikole Ekiti, eloquently represented by High Chief Matthew Okunola, the Sajowa of Ikole Ekiti, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the divine for allowing Ikole to witness this historic day. The Elekole extended sincere appreciation to Hon. Peter Owolabi for deeming it fitting to bring this monumental project to fruition in the town. The Elekole acknowledged Owolabi’s broader impact, commending his efforts in steering various projects in Ikole town.

It is worth recalling that Hon. Peter Owolabi’s commitment to education, social, and infrastructural development has manifested in his facilitation of various projects. These include the renovation of a block of 10 classrooms at Egbeoba High School, Ikole Ekiti, the establishment of 4 lecture halls at FUOYE Part-Time Centre, Ikole Ekiti, and the development of a block comprising 4 classrooms, a Library, and a Laboratory at Ikole City College, among other initiatives. His involvement in electrification projects further exemplifies his dedication to uplifting Ikole Ekiti.

Going beyond education, Owolabi has initiated electrification projects in various communities, bringing electricity to these areas to improve residents’ quality of life and stimulate economic development. Such projects include the renovation of a block of classrooms and construction of another block of classrooms at St. Stephens Anglican Primary School Ayebode, a block of 3 classrooms with an office at St Thomas’s Pry School, Odo Oro Ekiti, a block of 4 classrooms with an office at Comprehensive High School, Ijesa-Isu Ekiti, construction and furnishing of a block of 6 classrooms at Itapa/Osin Secondary School, renovation of a block of 10 classrooms at Egbeoba High School, renovation of a blovk of 4 classrooms and library and laboratory and supply of laboratory equipment at Ikole City College and the supply of educational materials to various schools in Oye and Ikole LGs, solar street lights in Ikole and Oye LGs, fish pounds, poultry pens and poultry projects, poultry feed mill and many other projects and interventions.

The Civic Centre construction, along with these diverse initiatives, stands as a testament to Owolabi’s enduring commitment to the holistic development of Ikole Ekiti. As the foundation is laid for the Ikole Civic Centre, the town eagerly anticipates the positive transformation and lasting impact that will unfold in the wake of this ambitious endeavor.

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