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By Adl Brand

This evening marks a significant stride towards transparency and democratic engagement in Ekiti as Governor Biodun Oyebanji takes to all Ekiti radio stations for a unique program – “Meet Your Governor.” This initiative, born from a tradition upheld by former Ekiti Governors, exemplifies a commitment to open dialogue between the government and its people.

By providing evidence-based performance metrics, Governor Oyebanji not only showcases his administration’s achievements but also reinforces the importance of accountability in governance.

This radio engagement transcends the usual forums, offering a broad-based platform for the entire Ekiti populace to directly interact with their leader in a centric atmosphere.

In an era where information is key, “Meet Your Governor” underscores the significance of transparency, fostering a love for democracy by allowing citizens to be informed participants in the governance process.

Even though before now the Governor has been engaging with Ekiti people in several forums, this maiden edition brings the government even closer to the people, emphasizing the right of every Ekiti resident to be well-informed about their state’s progress and future plans.

As Ekiti people speak with Governor Biodun Oyebanji live from their homes, the programme becomes a symbol of the power vested in the public, reinforcing the idea that good governance thrives on an informed and engaged citizenry.

This initiative not only strengthens the bond between the government and the governed but also serves as a testament to the enduring values of democracy and the shared responsibility in building a better Ekiti for all.

Adl Brand writes from Ado-Ekiti.

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