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The government of Ekiti State has announced plans to commence the vaccination of female children as a preventive measure against cervical cancer in the state.

The vaccination program is scheduled to commence in May this year.

To ensure the success of the vaccination program, a technical working group has been established and inaugurated to commence the necessary planning.

The Commissioner for Health, Dr. Oyebanji Filani, while naugurating the group in Ado Ekiti, read out the terms and conditions which include “Mapping all relevant HPV stakeholders (EPI and Non-EPI), Provide coordination, management, and planning for all stakeholders meeting through the introduction, monitor and track the release of funding for the HPV rollout at the state, review the budget requirements for the pre-introduction and introduction activities, and monitor the timely disbursement of these funds to the lowest level.

Others are to provide overall guidance in the smooth running of the operations rooms during the introduction of the HPV vaccine, which includes early identification and proffer solutions to mitigate challenges during the HPVV introduction process. The team may make use of electronic communications through a group email to facilitate information sharing among all members between formal meetings.

Dr. Filani represented by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Mrs. Olusola Gbenga-Igotun, said the vaccine had been proven to be healthy and safe, urging parents to allow their children to take the vaccine.

The Commissioner said the vaccine would be given to female children between the ages of nine and fourteen, while other age groups would be captured later.

Various stakeholders, including clerics, market women, and civil society organizations (CSOs), who spoke at the occasion praised the government for its proactive planning for the vaccination program. They encouraged members of the public to embrace and participate in the initiative.

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