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The Government of Ekiti State has incorporated Ile Iyi Electric Power Company Nigeria Limited to provide and handle electricity and energy engineering services within Ekiti State.

Prof. Mobolaji Aluko, the State Commissioner for Infrastructure and Public Utilities, disclosed this during this week’s Ekiti Loni/Ekiti Today radio program.

Some of the objectives of the company include the provision of consultancy, the design of electricity infrastructure from both renewable and non-renewable energy sources, and the provision of technical support services in the electricity sector as a commercial service.

Ekiti News reports that the company also aims to render its electricity provision services to both public and private sectors, individuals, and other state governments in Nigeria.

Prof. Aluko stressed that the company will collaborate with other organisations involved in generating, transmitting and distributing electricity, as well as power metering technology and sales within Ekiti State while offering the state government strategic support and expert consultancy services on matters concerning the electricity sector.

The Commissioner reiterated the BAO administration’s commitment to improving power infrastructure due to the role that electric power plays as a catalyst to improving other sectors. For instance, the focus on improving power supply will solve the problem of inconsistent potable water supply in the state.

As evidence of this enduring commitment, he recalled some achievements of the BAO administration in the electricity sector including the 5 megawatts Independent Power Project supplying electricity to government offices and other critical government installations in the state capital; the reconnection of Erijiyan, Ikogosi and Ikogosi to the national grid.

Other achievements of the administration include the rehabilitation and connection of Ipole lloro-Ekiti back to the National Grid, rehabilitation and reconnection of ljan, Ilumoba, Aisegba, Agbado, Imesi, Ode, Isinbode, Egbe, Iro-Ayeteju and Omuo in Ayekire and Ekiti East LGAs and their LCDAs back to the National Grid as well as the extension of 33KV network from 132KV Omisanjana transmission substation to Baptist High School and the connection of Ilawe Dedicated 33KV feeder line with Erijiyan-Ekiti.

The administration has also commenced the extension of electricity from Eruku, Kwara State to the agricultural zone in lyemero as well as the extending the power supply from Omuo-Ekiti to Eda-Ile, Ikun Oba, Araromi and Ilasa Ekiti alongside other ongoing initiatives such as the extension of a dedicated 33kv feeder line from Omisanjana through Ilawe to Igbara Odo.

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