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Commends Governor Biodun Oyebanji for Swift Response

In a strongly worded statement issued today, the Secretary of Ado Heritage, on behalf of the President, Bashorun Tope Alabi and the entire leadership, vehemently condemns the re-emerging crime waves gripping Ekiti, shattering the renowned tranquility of the state. Despite the prevailing peaceful atmosphere and Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s commendable efforts, recent events have cast a dark shadow. Notably, distressing incidents include the tragic killing of two revered traditional rulers – Oba David Ogunsakin, the Elesun of Esun Ekiti, and Oba Olatunde Olusola, the Onimojo of Imojo Ekiti. Additionally, the heart-wrenching abduction of innocent school children in Emure-Ekiti has left the community in dismay.

Ado Heritage, an influential voice in Ado-Ekiti and the entire Ekiti State, commends Governor Biodun Oyebanji for his tenacity and prompt response to the kidnapped school children, leading to their safe release in the early hours of Sunday 4th February 2024. The group expresses unwavering confidence in Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s leadership capacity to halt the emerging criminal activities in the state. Ado Heritage calls upon security personnel to collaborate with the Governor and intensify efforts, employing all available resources to apprehend the perpetrators responsible for these heinous crimes in Ekiti State.

The gravity of the situation prompts Ado Heritage to issue a resounding plea to the federal government to urgently reevaluate and fortify the existing security architecture. This call extends beyond mere condemnation to an urgent demand for tangible action to address the root causes of the sudden resurgence of insecurity in Ekiti State.

In this moment of profound sorrow, Ado Heritage extends heartfelt condolences to the grieving families of the deceased, specifically to the families of Oba David Ogunsakin and Oba Olatunde Olusola. The organization offers prayers for the peaceful repose of the departed souls and recognizes the need for collective mourning and solidarity during these challenging times.

Additionally, Ado Heritage seizes this opportunity to advocate for the establishment of state police as a strategic move towards bolstering security measures. The organization contends that empowering state governments with their own police force will not only enhance local security but will also contribute significantly to the broader national effort to combat insecurity.

As the nation grapples with these alarming incidents, Ado Heritage urges the federal government to seriously consider and expeditiously implement the establishment of state police as a vital and proactive measure to safeguard the lives and well-being of citizens across all states of Nigeria. This, the organization believes, will mark a crucial step towards a more secure and resilient nation.

Akeem Bello
Ado Heritage

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