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The Management Board of Wisdom University, USA, Africa Campus in Nigeria has appointed Prof. Olumuyiwa Babalola, a native of Ekiti State, as the Vice Chancellor of the University.

Prof. Babalola is a member of the Editorial board of International Journal of Multidisciplinary Applied Business and Education Research, Indonesia and an Innovation Research member and Administration, Charles Walters Society for Innovation and Research, India.

He is a member of the International Research Body of Sangam University, India and more.

Prof. Babalola is also a visiting Professor of the Theophany University, Haiti (North America).

He is an Honourary Professor of humanity at FAUNB United College of Brazil and Generation Light Int’l Bible University.

Prof. Babalola is a Professor of Peace and Conflict Resolution, Metropolitan International University, USA.

He hails from Ekiti State.

Wisdom University seeks to operate on the wings of its articulated vision, mission, goals and objectives for the purpose of enhancing positive effects and results in the academic sphere.

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