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Tension gripped Itapa-Ekiti in Oye Local Government Area of Ekiti State as traditional chiefs initiated an indefinite boycott of all palace activities.

The action comes in protest against the alleged assault on the Elemo of Itapa-Ekiti, Chief Samuel Osasona, during a meeting regarding the installation of a new chief priest for the community by the Owatapa of Itapa-Ekiti, Oba David Ajaja.

The chiefs further accused the traditional ruler of exhibiting high-handedness in governing the community.

Speaking to journalists in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital, alongside 14 other chiefs, Chief Osasona claimed that he was assaulted by the traditional ruler for opposing his plan to install a new chief priest without adhering to the community’s established traditions.

Chief Osasona clarified that the traditional ruler did not possess the sole authority to replace the current chief priest, Chief Ilesanmi Osanyigbemi, without the approval of the council of chiefs.

He asserted that the assault on him, which occurred on March 18, 2024, led the majority of the chiefs to boycott palace activities until further notice.

Chief Osasona stated that: ” I was slapped by the Kabiyesi during our meeting on March 18 when the issues of a new chief priest was being discussed.Our traditional ruler was saying he will install a new person as chief priest even though we have someone at the position which was recognized by the community.

”But due to the allegations that the person was not loyal or doing his biddings, he wants to replace him and I objected at the meeting, which made him to assault me in front of other chiefs.”

Chief Abiodun Onipede also spoke on the matter, highlighting that the recent actions of the traditional ruler had prompted them to submit a petition to the state deputy governor, Chief Monisade Afuye, and other relevant authorities. He urged the state government to intervene and encourage Oba Ajaja to govern with dignity in the interest of peace within the community.

He expressed concerns that the traditional ruler was threatening to depose any chiefs who opposed him, noting that such actions could hinder the progress and development of the community.

Onipede emphasized, “We are appealing to the state government to protect us from our traditional ruler. He is even threatening chiefs who oppose him with deposition, belittling us as High Chiefs and claiming we are not significant.”

“We have already submitted a petition to the office of the Commissioner of Police and the office of the deputy governor,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Olominio of Itapa-Ekiti, Chief Folorunsho Ogunleye while speaking on behalf of the traditional ruler, denied knowledge of the alleged assault on the chief by the Owatapa of Itapa-Ekiti.

The Olominio disagreed with his colleagues for abandoning the palace in protest against the monarch, urging them to retrace their steps in the interest of peace in the community.

He disclosed that the traditional ruler is out of the country at the moment, expressing optimism that upon his return all contentious issues would be soon resolved.

One thought on “Tension As Traditional Chiefs Boycott Palace Over Alleged King’s Assault In Ekiti”
  1. The case should be investigated and settled amicably. Itapa Ekiti has been a peaceful community.

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