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For Blessing Bolaji Adeniyi, being a fashion designer is more than just designing and dressmaking; it’s a lifetime passion to make things happen.

She is a certified fashion designer, tutor, and lead designer at Princess Vogue Fashion School.

Having studied computer science, she chose to be a fashion designer and not a director of IT, programmer, web developer, clinical systems analyst, professor, software engineer, or applications analyst.

“I recently moved to the United Kingdom to study what is related to my passion and my creativity: Business, Law, and Social Sciences. International Business Management at Nottingham Trent University,” she stated.

Princess Vogue Fashion School was born out of a passion and quest to get well-tailored, high-quality outfits. “I have always admired international brands like Louis Vuitton, Dorothy Perkins, Prada, Chanel, amongst others.

My journey as a fashion designer started with passion. “Fashion gives me room to express my creativity and be reasonably confident in outfits. In 2016, when I finished my studies, my mum asked me what I wanted to do. I told her I wanted to be a fashion designer; she said cool and enrolled me in Fashion school in 2017 to learn the art of dressmaking from a reputable fashion school. After finishing my course in 2017, I started my own brand the following year with the help of friends and family members.”

Since then, Blessing Bolaji Adeniyi has not looked back. “I enjoy what I am doing; this is where my happiness comes from. This is my dream; what I want to do with all my life and be successful in it.”

About the brand Princess Vogue Fashion School “It is safe to say that I operate locally, regionally, and internationally. My target audience includes males, females, children, youth, and the elderly, who are inspired by cultural heritage. It caters to the fashionable and sophisticated woman, men, and children who love to look good and be comfortable in outfits. We make bridals, bespoke, and ready-to-wear clothes. Selling unique fabrics. We also train fashion enthusiasts who want to learn the art of dressmaking. Our ready-to-wear brands are created to promote the rich cultural heritage of Africa through clothing. It’s safe to say it is an ‘Afrocentric line.’ The outcome is nothing but satisfaction from my clients. My services are swift, and I make it convenient for anyone who orders by ensuring that the goods are delivered intact.”

The products are marketed mainly on social media such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google, and physical store. Over the years, my brand name and integrity have improved tremendously.

Princess Vogue Fashion School can be reached via:


WhatsApp: 07065176591, 07440640966


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