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… As He Clarifies No Recent Kidnappings on Ikere Soil

In a proactive move to enhance security measures, the Ikere Local Government Chairman, Hon. (Sqn Ldr Rtd) Olu Adamolekun Egbejoda, emphasizes the importance of unity and cooperation in safeguarding our communities. Rather than criticizing government actions, residents are urged to report any suspicious activities or suspected hideouts of kidnappers or criminal elements to the appropriate authorities.

Recognizing that individuals have unique knowledge of the nooks and crannies of their surroundings, Chairman Olu Adamolekun stresses the vital role that community members play in assisting government security agencies. Let’s work hand in hand to ensure a safe environment for all.

Furthermore, Chairman Olu Adamolekun urges everyone to refrain from spreading fake news that can potentially inflame tensions and create unrest in the community, emphasizing the importance of exercising caution and verifying information before sharing it.

This message comes in response to recent rumors regarding the abduction of women on the Ikere-Ogbese road while returning from the farm. Chairman Olu Adamolekun clarifies that the incident was a case of a missing person at Ogbese, not Ikere. It involved two sisters who went to buy vegetables; one sister left her vegetables with a Hausa man and then disappeared. The chairman asserts that this was not a kidnapping incident on Ikere soil but a case of a missing person. Subsequently, some youths demonstrated at Ogbese, further emphasizing the misunderstanding.

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