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The Executive Chairman of IKere local government, Olu Adamolekun Egbejoda, has utilized his connections. He continues to demonstrate his commitment towards the Ikere community.

Today, he announced a partnership with Project CURE, an international initiative dedicated to delivering health and hope around the globe.

Joining him for this landmark event were Dr. Rebecca from the United States, his associate, Dr. Jose Omotoso from Australia, and Dr. Dare Olulana from Ibadan, Nigeria. All three are members of the Project CURE team and have come to assess the immediate needs for equipment and services at the Comprehensive Health Care Centre in Ikere.

Olu Adamolekun, known for his trailblazing efforts and dedication to the community, hailed the partnership as a significant step towards ensuring quality healthcare services for his constituents. “Our partnership with Project CURE is a testament to our commitment to providing the best possible healthcare for our community,” he said. “With their expertise and resources, we can ensure our Comprehensive Health Care Centre is equipped to provide quality health service delivery.”

Project CURE is a global health initiative that has been delivering medical supplies and services to communities in need worldwide. Their mission aligns with the Chairman’s vision of improved healthcare for the people of Ikere Local Government. This partnership will undoubtedly result in a significant healthcare improvement for the community.

With this latest development, Ikere Local Government continues to make substantial strides toward ensuring its residents have access to quality, affordable healthcare. The partnership with Project CURE represents a major advancement in this ongoing effort for his community.

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