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as Ekiti State Commissioners Take National Leadership Roles

In a remarkable achievement for Ekiti State, four of its Commissioners have been elected as Chairmen of their respective national conferences.

Honorable Tosin Aluko Ajisafe now leads the Conference of Commissioners for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

Dr. Oyebanji Filani, the Honorable Commissioner for Health, has been elected as the Chairman of the Conference of Health Commissioners in Nigeria.

In a related development, Prof. Ojo Bakare, has emerged the Chairman Forum of Arts, Culture, Tourism Commissioners.

Similarly, Mr. Akin Oyebode, the Honorable Commissioner for Finance, has been chosen as the Chairman of the Finance Commissioners in Nigeria.

It is expected that the conference will embark on peer review and note comparison to have a safe, healthy and economically viable Nigeria of the people’s dream.

This development highlights the effectiveness of Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s leadership. His strategic appointments have clearly positioned Ekiti State for national recognition and influence, proving that the right people in the right roles can drive significant progress.

Politically, this development is a clear testament to the growing influence of Ekiti State on the national stage.

Governor Oyebanji’s administration has not only focused on internal development but has also ensured that Ekiti’s voice is heard and respected across Nigeria.

By placing capable leaders in key positions, the governor has demonstrated a keen understanding of political strategy and governance, elevating Ekiti’s status and paving the way for future advancements.

The right choice made by Governor Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji reflects in the steady progress being made in improving the well-being of Ekiti people through improved infrastructures.

The quality of his Commissioners shows that BAO is a serious and focused governor who has the interest of the state and its people uppermost in his heart as he does not tolerate laxity and indolence from any quarters.

This development is a good commentary on the quality of the Cabinet of the state and the personality of the governor and the administration in the state.

People are optimistic that the positive efforts being made by BAO will soon come into fruition.

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