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This Ekiti Fashion and Garment Hub from Governor Oyebanji is another huge win for Ekiti State .

Governor BAO is not paying lip service to his shared prosperity agenda for his people.

Mr Governor is not only setting a foundation for industrialization but also preparing the state to contribute to earning foreign exchange . This is because:

  1. the market for garments is huge and growing. The demand keeps growing in Nigeria and beyond .
  2. Garments are also potential key manufacturing export for a developing country like Nigeria and so the subsector plays a major role in the integration of a country /state into the global economy.
  3. Research shows that more than 60 percent of garments demand in the country are met through importation . This simply Ekiti is set to change this by contributing to the local production of garments in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, one exciting news for entrepreneurs/ business owners is that aside the Fashion and Garment hub , the massive and comprehensive renovation done by Governor Oyebanji in a section of the “ old odu’a textile premises “ has been designed to also serve as a resource and educational facility where curated ideas will be shared and creativity will be birthed frequently.

Obviously, the economic impact of this Ekiti fashion and garment hub is enormous but one of the key essence of the garment subsector is that it absorbs large numbers of unskilled labor, especially women thus reducing unemployment and gender imbalance in the labor market.

By the way , the attached picture frames show just a slight of the renovation process from frame 1,2,3. Only those who knew what the facilities were before now would appreciate the amazing transformation done by Governor BAO here .

Kudos to the Honorable Commissioner for Trade , Industry, Investment and Cooperatives, Mrs Tayo Adeola and her team .

Governor BAO , history will be kind to you sir .

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