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By Bakare Lukman

I believe the Tripartite Committee on National Minimum Wage contributed to the ongoing strike in the country.

The committee comprised all the major stakeholders, and they traversed the entire country for consultations, yielding no results.

Their efforts, in my opinion, amounted to a wasteful expenditure of taxpayers’ money, as they neglected to address the core issues at hand.

The removal of fuel and electricity subsidies by the Federal Government has plunged many average workers into poverty, and the impact of current inflation hit them hardest.

President Tinubu pledged workers a living wage, and the ₦60,000 currently offered by the Federal Government cannot guarantee that, while the ₦494,000 proposed by organised labour is unrealistic.

President Tinubu should not allow sycophants to undermine public confidence in him. The citizens have been supporting his reform policy despite the hardships.

This strike by the Labour will garner enough sympathy from the public, unlike the unreasonable ones earlier declared without results.

The President should involve Senator Adams Oshiomole, Comrade Shuaibu, and other seasoned comrades who are currently in government to negotiate with Labour. I doubt any meaningful resolution can be achieved solely through the Ministry of Labour and the Tripartite Committee on National Minimum Wage.

The Labour Union must ensure the attendance of all Governors to avoid another conflict between state chapters and the Governors.

It’s time to stop relying on state chapters to engage in battles from which most of them will not benefit.

In my layman’s opinion, the Federal Government should enlist the EFCC and ICPC to audit the wage bill of each state and assess the financial implications of the new minimum wage on them. Subsequently, the required amount should be allocated directly to each state from FAAC.

Prolonging the strike will not benefit the nation, but it’s crucial to acknowledge that the livelihoods of average workers are also at stake amidst the current economic challenges in the country.

The FG should offer a reasonable amount while the Labour Union should accept the offer.

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