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The Youth Job/Resource Centre (Hub) is a facility managed by the Ministry of Youth Development under a Public Private Partnership arrangement (PPP).

The idea for the centre was conceived in October 2023 after research revealed that youth who comprise 65-70% of the population in Ekiti need assistance with employment, access to job listings, skills acquisition, funding for their businesses and volunteering opportunities.

This inspired the Honourable Commissioner for Youth Development, Hon. Adesola Gold Adedayo to propose establishing the Youth Resource/Job Centre to assist youths in line with the #BAOGovernance Youth Development and Job Creation pillar.

The Youth Job/Resource Centre provides youths with opportunities to access services related to employment, employability programs, business opportunities, sponsorship and other support services. The resource centre ensures that its interventions are tailored to the needs and aspirations of youth in terms of policy formulation, evaluation and implementation.

The Youth Job/Resource Centre focuses on: capacity-building initiatives such as training programs, workshops, access to global employment opportunities, mentorship, entrepreneurship support and necessary tools to enhance the personal and professional development of beneficiaries; strategic partnership and collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Youth for empowerment, skills acquisition and intervention programs; the creation or sourcing of volunteering opportunities to help youths offer community service while gaining experience and references; mobilising the youth for various initiatives and interventions through online campaigns; and researching issues connected to youth development, collecting data, and effectively managing data.

The ministry has trained over 100 youths in textile production and has over 8000 youths already captured in its database so that they may be mobilised for relevant opportunities as they come.

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