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A Product Concept Creator and Developer from Ekiti State, Mr. Michael Aderemi Agbetuyi, has initiated efforts to revitalize and standardize the Arin (Dioclea reflexa) game, a traditional game deeply rooted in Yoruba culture with the aim to safeguard Nigeria’s tangible heritage, particularly those at risk of disappearing.

His passion for developing the game began in 2017 during a visit to his hometown, Usi in Ekiti State.

Agbetuyi, concerned about the dwindling awareness of this traditional game among youths, reminisced about the prevalence of Arin during his childhood. He highlighted that Arin was once a popular pastime among youth in many Yoruba communities, particularly in Ekitiland.

However, the influence of modernity and urbanization has led to a decline in the game’s presence in people’s recreational activities.

Agbetuyi stated that ‘Arin is a game played by old and young people. It has since gone into extinction and the youths do not know anything about it. It is only few people that still engage in it in some remote villages. It is a game dying for lack of promotion and sustenance. I doubt if any of our youths today can identify (Dioclea Reflexa) Arin as a seed being used for a game.’

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