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A sinister scam is spreading like wildfire in Ekiti, preying on innocent lives. Fraudsters are cashing in on people’s fears, claiming they’ve been hired to assassinate them.

Scammers call victims, claiming they’ve received a contract to kill them. To cancel the contract, they demand payment into a provided account. The threat is real, and the fear is palpable. However, this is a clever ploy to extort money.

Victims who pay up may think they’ve escaped death, but they’ve only fueled the scammer’s greed. The scammer may demand more money or use personal information for further exploitation.

Protection Tips:

  1. Be cautious of unexpected calls with assassination threats.
  2. Never pay money to cancel a fake contract.
  3. Report such calls to the authorities immediately.
  4. Don’t share personal information or financial details.
  5. Stay calm and hang up the call.

Stay vigilant, Ekiti! Let’s expose and reject this deadly scam. Share this awareness message to protect your loved ones. Together, we can defeat these scammers and restore peace in our community.

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