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In an era where politicians often struggle to connect with the common people and understand their concerns, Hon. Kehinde Kolawole Ajobiewe stands out for his undiluted commitment to the grassroots.

Hon. Ajobiewe Kehinde Kolawole effortlessly bridges the gap between him and the community he serves.

This was made evident when he spotted a group of enthusiastic motorcycle riders celebrating their end-of-the-year program in Iworo, Omuo -Ekiti and decided to join in the euphoria mood.

The scene was an attestation to the unique bond Hon. Ajobiewe shares with the community. By choosing to blend in and partake in the festivities, he showcased his commitment to understanding the desires and needs of the people at their level.

His willingness to step away from traditional hierarchies and immerse himself in the grassroots is a refreshing approach in the political sphere, making him a popular figure among his constituents.

Hon. Kehinde Kolawole Ajobiewe’s actions serve as a reminder that effective leadership goes beyond political titles and privileges. It requires a genuine connection to the people, constantly seeking to understand their challenges, and sharing in their joys.

As his bike ride alongside the Iworo branch of okada riders, Hon. Ajobiewe commitment to serving the grassroots is truly unmatched and worthy of admiration.

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